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Why Fendergrip

Push button speed and safety.
It takes time to tie knots and adjust fenders when you're away from the comfort of your dock. In result, boaters often do not use fenders because of the hassle in adjusting them, and fend off another boat, or a dock, with their hands and feet; this is extremely dangerous and often can result in serious injury. Fendergrip offers you instant adjustments and lets you use your fenders more effectively!  

Tails and adjusts lines under load, without transferring the load to your hands.
Holding a fender line under load is very dangerous; a line may be easily ripped from you hand.  

Uses the fender line to secure the fender to the boat!
OTHER fender adjusters use a strap, suction cup, or hook to hold the fender to the boat. These designs greatly reduce the load the fender can handle and are easily stretched, pulled off the boat, or broken, when loaded severely.  

Cannot jam!
The Fendergrip's unique design enables you to clear the channel and release the line no matter what the load. Some other products will deform or jam under a severe load; damaging the fender line and making further adjustment impossible.  

Fender storage that will not block your view of the horizon.
When using two Fendergrips with a horizontal hole-through-the-middle fender, the fender may be pulled up, and stored against the rail or life-line. This also means that there are no costly fender racks to buy, install, or obstruct your view forward! Fender racks can block up to 1/3 of a boater's view of the horizon!  

Also stores with the fender.
If you take off your fenders and place them in a locker or fender rack, Fendergrip is the only adjuster that stores atop of your fender ready for the next use; other brands must be stored separately!  

Everyone knows how to push a button!
Even a child looking at the Fendergrip for the first time intuitively knows that the black push button is what releases the line. Take any person and hand them one of the competitors' devices and they will have no clue as to how to use them!