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Product Information

The product is a unique mixture that is super adhesive, will stick to most surfaces and will instantly stop water leaks during a damage control, crisis or emergency situation on your boat.

"Once I saw how well this stuff works, I won't leave the dock without it. It would be like heading out without any life jackets, flares communications"

Gary Olsen, a ISCG 1600-ton licensed captain with over 30 years of maritime experience founded Stay Afloat for one reason. He recognised the need for a simple user friendly solution to stop leaks and help prevent water intrusion on boats.

The product is a unique non toxic, non hazardous and environmentally friendly formula, derived from crude oil and natural substances. Stay Afloat can be easily moulded in your hands, inserted into a leak, crack or thru-hull which temporarily, but instantly stops leaks and prevents any further water intrusion during an emergency or damage control situation.

Stay Afloat works on holes, gaps, cracks and marine fittings. It is easily applied to leaks and works instantly. It will even seal leaky windows and portals that are taking on water. It won't stain and can be easily removed when shipyard repairs get underway.

Captain Olsen recalls, "We were cruising offshore one day and a drive shaft blew right through the bulkhead. I thought we were going to sink. The engine compartment was filling with water so fast, out bilge and emergency pumps couldn't keep up. We were basically done. But we grabbed the Stay Afloat and were able to seal the entire area around the drive shaft enabling us to pump the water and limp home on one engine. The stuff saved my boat."

The Stay Afloat Emergency Instant Leak Plug & Sealant comes in three different sizes. 0.2kg, 0.4kg and 0.8kg, packaged to satisfy the mass majority of mariners needs, from recreational boats to commercial vessels. Stay Afloat is a must have for any boaters emergency damage control kit.