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  • Dumpy Jerry Can - Petrol
    This 20 litre portable fuel container is manufactured from High Density Polyethylene making it rustproof, crush resistant and non corrosive.  The Dumpy can features an integral (child proof) breather cap on the handle...

    Price: £22.99 (inc VAT) £19.16 (ex VAT)
  • DuraMAX
    The DuraMAX fluid transfer siphon pump and patented Flo n' Go hand pump provide the only re-filling and fluid transfer system you will ever need. With environmentally responsible features, accidental spills and overfilling...

    Price: £139.00 (inc VAT) £115.83 (ex VAT)
  • maxFlo Combo Kit
    Includes 6.6 Gallon (25 Litre) Jerry Can (AB Series). Includes a Multi Function Safety Shut Off ValveCompletely seals the internal gas pressure and vapours when closed and self vents when opened. A convenient pump holder...

    Price: £59.00 (inc VAT) £49.17 (ex VAT)
  • maxFlo Gun
    Includes 2 metres of fuel hose & 2 fuel tank bungs. Patented design: At the handle pump control allows for auto shut off and restart as well as clean hassle free siphon control. Superior Filling Convenience: Pumps...

    Price: £42.00 (inc VAT) £35.00 (ex VAT)
  • Self Venting Jerry Can
    Manufactured from a high density unbreakable polyethylene material, that is rustproof, crush resistant, non corroding and virtually indestructable. They feature a reversable self venting spout eliminating the need for a...

    Price: £24.99 (inc VAT) £20.82 (ex VAT)
  • Jerry Can Parts Kit (03647)
    The Scepter  jerry can replacement parts kit comprises 4 pieces: flexible spout, vent cap, screw cap and stopper. This kit is suitable for use with both Scepter/Moeller military style jerry cans and Dumpy jerry...

    Price: £12.00 (inc VAT) £10.00 (ex VAT)
  • The Step-Up
    This unique boarding step is safer and easier than struggling to climb aboard. Made from soft poly-webbing material, it will not scratch your boat and is great for reboarding from an inflatable or tender. Supplied complete...

    Price: £34.00 (inc VAT) £28.33 (ex VAT)
  • Sea Steps
    Made from 4" (100mm) wide cargo webbing, 'Sea Steps' are lightweight, portable and non chaffing soft and secure cradles for climbing back on board your inflatable or tender or boat and guarantee not to scratch your boat or...

    Price: £29.00 (inc VAT) £24.17 (ex VAT)
  • Towing Bridle
    The towing bridle offers a more stable and secure means of towing your inflatable or tender than a single line. Designed to beused with boats having two towing rings on the bow tubes. The nylon webbing has built in shock...

    Price: £59.99 (inc VAT) £49.99 (ex VAT)
  • Dinghy Lift
    The Dinghy lift for davits is specifically designed to be a lifting harness for inflatables and RIB's. It has two lifting points and four adjustable nylon webbing legs, adjustable from 250mm to 610mm. Each leg is fitted...

    Price: £139.99 (inc VAT) £116.66 (ex VAT)
  • Easy Lift
    The Easy Lift is the original and safest lifting harness avilable in todays market. Manufactured from strong polyester webbing and fitted with acetal snap buckles, the Easy Lift is easily and quickly attached and will not...

    Price: £49.99 (inc VAT) £41.66 (ex VAT)
  • Universal Dinghy Lift
    The Universal Dinghy Lift is designed to make lifting your dinghy easy, making maintenace simple whilst offering great overnight security. Three 50mm (2") nylon webbing straps and a stainless steel hoisting ring make lifting...

    Price: £110.00 (inc VAT) £91.67 (ex VAT)
  • Dinghy Dolly Wheels

    Price: £86.00 (inc VAT) £71.67 (ex VAT)
  • Bow Bag

    Price: £35.00 (inc VAT) £29.17 (ex VAT)
  • Launching Wheels

    Price: £125.00 (inc VAT) £104.17 (ex VAT)